Planning Objections


This policy sets out the basis of EMG’s planning related policy and how it decides to involve itself in planning matters by objecting to developments, or appealing decisions.


The EMG will always base its involvement on itsstatement of purposes. Consistent with those purposes, EMG has adopted the following criteria in deciding whether to become involved in particular planning matters by objecting to or supporting a development, or supporting resident or the City of Melbourne’s objections:

We act from two principles:

1. To ensure that the heritage and amenity of East Melbourne is protected for all residents and visitors.

2. Where possible to involve or support residents or groups of residents who are affected by the proposals, so that their views are put.

Consistent with the first principle, we will intervene if we believe there is a risk to the heritage values or the amenity is likely to be threatened by a development. This can include developments:

  • out of scale and unsympathetic to their environment
  • inappropriate to a residential area, or
  • likely to set an unwelcome precedent for further development.

We will not generally intervene if the matter is simply a difference of view between neighbours with no broader implications – but we may get involved if neighbours have not been properly consulted.

In deciding whether to get involved we act in what we consider to be the best interests of East Melbourne-Jolimont as a whole, not in support of or against individual residents.

Specific application of the policy

The EMG has a Heritage and Planning Sub-Committee, made up of committee members and other interested EMG members, which advises the Committee on planning matters and is required to act in accordance with EMG’s purposes.

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