Membership Categories

Full Membership

To vote at the Annual General Meeting or any other general meeting, you must be a paid-up Full Member.

Full membership is open to people whose principal place of residence is in East Melbourne (including Jolimont) or who own residential property in East Melbourne.

The annual individual membership fee is $60. All members of an East Melbourne household of two or more may take part in EMG activities for an annual fee of $120, with two votes at meetings.

A concessional fee is available for those who are eligible for full membership and have a Commonwealth Pensioners Concession Card or Health Care Card (not the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card or State Seniors Card), or are full-time students with a tertiary student card. The annual concessional membership fee is $33, or $66 for a household.

The EMG is keen to encourage  membership from all ages and has an introductory membership offer of the $33 concessional rate for young (under 40) members for their first year of membership ($66 for a household with all members under 40).

Associate Membership for Friends and Businesses

Friends of East Melbourne are individuals who support the purposes of The East Melbourne Group but who do not live or own residential property in East Melbourne. The annual friends (associate) membership fee is $60 ($120 for a household).

Business members are organisations who support the purposes of The East Melbourne Group and who have an office address in East Melbourne. The annual  business (associate) membership fee is $165.

Once you have decided which category fits your circumstance

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