Liquor Licence Policy 2020

East Melbourne Group Liquor License and Kerbside Café Policy 2020

EMG supports local business. Indoor cafes and restaurants are an integral part of the East Melbourne community. However proposed liquor licenses and outdoor/kerbside cafes in the residential area raises concerns.

The EMG places high importance on maintaining the amenity of residents affected by existing and potential liquor outlets and kerbside cafés.

We carefully assess the introduction of new or changed liquor licenses and kerbside cafés in the residential area. Whilst each case will be treated on its merits, in general the EMG will object to such applications for new or changed licenses and kerbside cafés where they affect residential amenity.

This policy has been supported by City of Melbourne over several applications in East Melbourne. It also reduces selective support of new or changed outlets by those not affected by such amenity impact, thereby reducing division in our community.

EMG does not object to liquor outlets and kerbside cafés in the mixed-use strips on the periphery of East Melbourne, provided they do not impact on nearby residential amenity.

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